About Us

Your Hosts,

Linda and Rick DeAngelo are pleased to accommodate you.

“Whether Booking the entire house for an event or just spending the night, we are committed to helping you have a wonderful experience.”

Meeting at Rick’s restaurant in 1989, they fell in love and never looked back. They kept busy raising 2 sons in Eugene/Elmira, opening and operating Our Daily Bread Bakery/Restaurant in Veneta, OR., dabbling in real estate, not to mention other numerous projects.

Linda’s unwavering passion for baking and cooking has blessed many renowned establishments in Eugene. She has baked breads, pastries and desserts for Café Zenon, Sweetlife, The Kiva, Palace Bakery and for 10 years, baking and cooking at her own restaurant/bakery. She is an avid giver, always involved in community service and always ready to drop what she’s doing to help someone.

And whatever Linda needs Rick can build it. Versed in just about all the trades, he’s always ready to design and build the next project. “I wake up and feel like that 12 year old kid on Saturday morning anxious to get outside and build something.” And it’s not just structures he creates, but he has also started several successful businesses and is a motivator of ideas. With years of meditation practice and the exploration of different spiritual philosophies and techniques, it has put them on a journey of self discovery.

“ If we as a society, expect to improve our world and end suffering, we each need to do the work it takes to gain greater self-awareness.”

That is what 1Community is all about. “We hope to generate positive energy to help our community grow and evolve by hosting and accommodating holistic events such as meditation and other wellness programs.”